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ExTENsible X10 Daemon
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ExTENsible X10 I/O Daemon

Redistributable under the GNU General Public License.

The home page for x10iod is

Installation Notes

There are no configuration scripts right now. Unpack the tarball (you’ve probably already done this), use ‘make help’ for help on running the Makefile.

The instructions here reflect systems booting with systemd; a systemd service file is in contrib for those that need it. For init-style systems, there’s an init-style shell script too; you guys know how to set that up yourself.

The daemon is designed to work as a low-privileged user; root privileges are unnecessary if set up right. Installation is as follows:

Scripts in contrib

This script provides a standard set of command to interface with various music players. Documentation is in the x10event script. The LOCALJUKE and REMOTEJUKE variables (near the top of the script) select what to interface with.
A cheezy phone monitor script that will run if you set ModemDevice in x10iod.ini. It logs caller ID data in the log directory, and uses the jukebox interface to pause the jukebox when the phone rings.
This sump pump control software uses METAR data from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to determine when/how frequent to run sump pumps (or a fish tank water pump sitting on the floor with a hose to a sink), ice melter cables and fans. On Macs, it can stop and start BOINC based on reported temperature.


If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, and/or patches, feel free to send them to along.

Perette Barella

The daemon was originally created by Andrew Turnquist.