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ExTENsible X10 Daemon
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ExTENsible X10 I/O Daemon

This package provide daemon which can use X10 devices such as SmartHome’s now-discontinued PowerLinc (paired with a TW523 or the XTB-523) to send, receive and respond to X10 commands sent via the powerline.

Manual pages, PDF format:

This software is my adaptation of software originally written by Andrew Turnquist. Although written in C++, it is written in a very C style, only using C++ for its classes. It is old, and the code reflects it.

Known issues

This software is very old and gets minimal maintenance. That said, the software has proven reliable, operating in my house for years without hitches.

However, recent Macs have trouble with USB serial ports. Although the software ran on Snow Leopard and earlier Macs via a USB serial port for years without a hitch, OS X 10.15 often blocked when attemping to open(2) the port (even though it was being opened O_NONBLOCK). I solved this by moving the daemon from the $2,000 Mac to a $40 Raspberry Pi. Thanks, Apple.`