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wsgw websocket gateway
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Building and Installing wsgw



If you have all of the dependencies listed above (and you probably do) just type

./configure && make

You can run the client directly from the source directory now


Or install it by issuing

sudo make install

Mac OS X

To build, you will need to install XCode developer tools found your installation DVD or downloaded from the App store or Tools are free.

Included in contrib is an example com.deviousfish.wsgw.plist. Add this to a user’s ~/Library/LaunchAgents (launch at login) or the system /Libary/LaunchDaemons (launch at boot; be sure to review the file when installing as there are some file paths and user names in it.

Configuring wsgw

wsgw takes its configuration from the command line. By default, it listens on port 8000 for requests; this can be changed with the -p option.

After options, list all the services supported:

<service name>,[destination],[port],[type]

See the wsgw(1) for more details.


To set up wsgw for pianod running on the same host as the gateway, with both on their usual ports (pianod: 4445, wsgw: 8000):

wsgw pianod,,4445,text