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proximmon is a utility for tracking presence of people via their portable devices. It does not track their location, just whether or not they are nearby. proximmon is free, open-source software published under the MIT license.



2021–01–10 Updated Parsnip library, fixed a minor bug in the config script.

2020–05–01 Implemented hostname-based scheme. Using the modern getaddrinfo(3) call, mdns (hostname.local names) get resolved, an alternative to the ARP/MAC based method when using DHCP-assigned addresses.

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Thanks to…

Thanks to all those, too numerous to list, who created and maintain tools and libraries I use to create software: Dimitri van Heesch for Doxygen, everyone behind C++ and the STL, Fletcher Penny for multimarkdown, CodeLite for making a decent Linux IDE, Subversion for providing good source control, and Linux Mint for making a pleasurable distro to an escaped Mac user.