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pianod2 includes the web remote as ECMAScript 6. The version here is the last EC5 version.
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pianod2 is a free, multi-source, network-controlled music player daemon for use as central music server or scriptable backend. It is published under the MIT license.



2023–12–30 r405 has been promoted to stable release. It fixes a crash that occurred after libavdevice output open failed, and a filesystem song selection bug. Also adds some throttling upon repeat playback problems, either in general or for a particular source; don’t allow no-name artist or artist+album to be used as a seed; fixes a seeding bug in the client; adds a way to update a playlist’s selection algorithm, and a few other bugs, features, refactoring and improved docucomments.

2021–05–09 The client now uses ECMAScript 6. Older browsers that don’t support EC6 can use the edition hosted here, or install the last EC5 client in a subdirectory of pianod/html.

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If you encounter problems, please report them to the developer or the mailing list.


Three clients are included with pianod2:

There’s also an “aftermarket” Android client available. I think it’s for the original edition pianod, but it sort of works on v2.

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Thanks to all those, too numerous to list, who created and maintain the included and non-included packages. Thanks also to those responsible for the tools and artwork on which pianod depends: Dimitri van Heesch for Doxygen, Microsoft for TypeScript, everyone behind C++ and the STL, Liz Aragon for the piano and football/soccer ball, Fletcher Penny for multimarkdown, CodeLite for making a decent Linux IDE, Subversion for providing good source control, and Linux Mint for making a pleasurable distro to an escaped Mac user.