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Recent progress

Generated from SVN logs.

Date Revision Description
02 May 2020 r334
  • Implement presence-change handlers for people.
  • Fix bugs in user presence aggregation, configuring with neither ping nor arp.
01 May 2020 r333
  • Modify I/O code to not rely on stream exceptions, which are unreliable cross-platform.
01 May 2020 r332
  • Implement monitor-by-hostname.
  • Add docu-comments, minor refactoring.
30 Apr 2020 r331
  • Add IPv6 autoconf check.
30 Apr 2020 r330
  • Update headers, fix formatting.
  • Add IPv6 ping support.
  • Allow C and C++ style comments in JSON configuration file.
29 Apr 2020 r329
  • Makefile corrections.
29 Apr 2020 r327
  • Documentation updates.
29 Apr 2020 r326
  • Split proximmon out into its own project.