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pianod2 music server
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pianod2 Test Herd

Unit test machines needed. Ideal systems will be popular but will vary somewhat from existing herd described below. Requires remote login access with a private account on a network-accessible machine with ksh. Prior to publication, builds will be shipped to your machine, built, run through the unit test and results collected. If there is trouble, there be some debugging too (you needn’t be involved in any debugging). Root access is not necessary, but access to audio devices is (member of ‘audio’ group on Linux).

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Detail Stefanie Amy Wendy
Extra tests None Household None
OS Version 10.11 LinuxMint 10.15
Dependencies MacPorts apt-get None
Compiler Clang 8.0 Clang 12 Clang 12.0
Media engine AVFoundation ffmpeg AVFoundation
Metadata reader Core audio taglib Core audio
Debug test/compile Yes Yes Yes
Tone generator Yes Yes No
Audio output AVFoundation avdevice AVFoundation
TLS/SSL engine SecureTransport OpenSSL SecureTransport


Detail Hamlet Lenora
Extra tests None Developer
OS Distribution Raspbian LinuxMint
OS Version Buster 20.3
Dependencies apt-get apt-get
Compiler GCC 8.2 Clang 12.0
Media engine gstreamer gstreamer
Metadata reader taglib taglib
Debug test/compile Yes No
Tone generator Yes Yes
Audio output gstreamer Yes
TLS/SSL engine gnutls OpenSSL