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pianod (legacy version)

pianod pianod classic web remote

pianod2 web remote

For best results, use the correct remote for the edition of pianod you are running.


Applies to legacy pianod only.

pianod (legacy version)

The newer pianod2 supports multiple concurrent Pandora or filesystem sources, a better client, requests, shuffle modes, crossfading and many other improvements. Orchid is pianod2 precompiled for Mac OS X 10.7+.

The legacy version of pianod is a Pandora client with line-oriented and Websocket TCP/IP control interfaces. A simple protocol makes for easy clients, mix scripting, integration with a home automation system, or use as multiple-user music system. pianod has a full-featured web-based interface that allows multiple listeners to view status and share control.



25 October 2016—The Pandora TLS certificates have undergone their yearly update, and it seems the standard and Pandora One certificates are now the same. Add set tls fingerprint FC2E6AF49FC63AEDAD1078DC22D1185B809E7534 to your startscript.

There are no plans to release a patch for this. pianod2 eliminates the fingerprint issue altogether.


  • Use the web remote off the Web, or download and install it (you will need to use pianod’s -c option to set the client location). The web client is rich with features for the Pandora power user: unlove a song with the neutral button (☯), toggle song or artist seeds with one click (種), or add a song or artist that played as a seed to another one of your stations (+).
  • Jared Gailey is working on an Angular-based client.
  • Michael Hines is developing a mobile client for the Titanium cross-platform SDK.
  • node-pianod is a node.js library for controlling pianod

Documentation & Support

Thanks to Liz Aragon for the piano.