Devious Fish

To-do list and uncommitted work

  • Publish development release, update website
  • Submit argumentparserformatter patch to Python
  • Add missing -m option to cloud(1) man page

Recent updates

Generated from SVN logs--note, however, that this reflects mostly packaging and documentation, as most of the code resides in other repositories at present.

Date Revision Description
14 Aug 2018 r10
  • Remove directory that's no longer used.
  • Add cloud manual page.
  • Fix errors in tasks, publish_cloud man pages.
  • Add uninstall, install manual targets to Makefile.
12 Aug 2018 r9
  • Add publish_cloud and tasks manual pages.
09 Aug 2018 r8
  • Working on manual pages.
02 Aug 2018 r7
  • Adding documentation, getting rid of stuff from other repos.
11 May 2018 r6
  • Implement monthly HTML calendar, full parsing of HTML command line options.
09 May 2018 r5
  • Implemented partial HTML write (event list).
04 May 2018 r4
  • Add write to queue file capability. Bug fixes.
04 May 2018 r3
  • Move include/exclude category handling from queue format read code to tranformation function.
29 Apr 2018 r2
  • Add queue2ics.
  • Rewrites for publish_cloud.
21 Mar 2018 r1
  • Tools for publishing to a private, HTML-based cloud.