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DAM (Devious Auction Manager)

DAM! Devious Auction Manager

Image: Colebrook River-Dam on West branch of Farmington River in Colebrook, Connecticut. Photo courtesy Army Corps of Engineers.


DAM is software that helps promote, manage and enhance live auctions.


  • Keeps track of your donors, consignors and their items.
  • Generates item identification tags, winning bid tags, recording forms, and auctioneer cue sheets while preparing for auction day.
  • Creates website to promote your auction.
  • Can export a PDF slideshow for projection, or run a slideshow from right inside DAM (Mac only, with appropriate hardware).
  • Records winning bids during an auction, and can print invoices one-off as individual bidders need to leave or en masse at the end of the auction.
  • Generates a variety of useful documents after the auction: consignment, profit/loss, invoice summary and invoice details reports.
  • Supports multiple variable tax rates by item categories.
  • Can run in a fault tolerant mode, where data is periodically backed up to secondary media in case of hardware failure.
  • Allows bidder categorization so you know who's buying and how much. Helpful for 501(c)(*) groups that need to distinguish member vs. non-member income for their annual IRS filing.
DAM is a result of several years of auctions for a local community group, with year-over-year improvements, and an eventual (failed) attempt to commercialize it. The license manager and item count restrictions have been removed. Login as 'User' with no password, or as a guest.

If you find DAM useful, donations would be greatly appreciated.

Or mail a check to:
Perette Barella
176 Middlesex Road
Rochester NY 14610