Devious Fish
DAM (Devious Auction Manager)

The Main Menu

The Main Menu

The main menu allows you to move through the auction manager.


  • Categories Screen — The categories screen is used to organize the auction items into categories for presentation on a website. Categories can be excluded from the website by turning off the checkbox.
  • Donor List Screen — The donor list provides an overview of the donors and quick access to more details.
  • Item List Screen — The Item List Screen provides an overview ot items and quick access to both details and donors.

Point of Sale


  • Invoice Detail Report — The Invoice Detail Report displays invoices, their items and totals.
  • Invoice Summary Report — The Invoice Summary Report displays a list of invoices, their bidders, and totals.
  • Profit & Loss and Consignment Report — The Profit & Loss and Consignment Report displays items, their sale price, consignment due and the profit/loss to the auction.
  • Tax Report — The Tax Report displays all items sold and the applicable taxes.
  • Category Report — The Category Report displays sold items grouped by category.