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pianod2 is an open-source, multi-source network-controlled music player for use as central music server. Distributed as source code—compile for Linux, UNIX, Mac.
`Orchid` is the pianod2 music player as a friendly, precompiled, sandboxed Mac OS X application. 10.7+. Application—Drag-and-drop to install.
Devious Auction Managerdownload
Filemaker-based auction manager and point-of-sale solution. macOS Application
Legacy projects
Projects that have been superceded.

On Software...

Coding Reflections
Coding Reflections
Thoughts on Programming Languages
Thoughts on wins and shortcomings of various programming languages.
A Comparison of Media Engines
A comparison of AVFoundation, ffmpeg, libav, and gstreamer based on my experiences with them.
TypeScript 2.0 Notes
My notes on setting up TypeScript 2.0 and associated tools: npm, make, browserify.
Ideas for DeviousDist, an autoconf replacement.